Massage Therapy

Massage helps relieve stress, muscle tension, and chronic pain. It also improves the recovery rate of healing from an injury or surgery. At Falls Healing Arts, our massage therapies include Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Reiki.

Massage Benefits

In addition to reducing pain, stress, and muscle tension, massage therapy can help improve your joint mobility and circulation. It is considered a complimentary therapy and alternative medicine.

Swedish Massage

Long, light strokes are used in Swedish massages. This helps improve circulation and relieves stress. Swedish massage is recommended if you are stressed, having trouble sleeping, or getting stress-related headaches. It is a great introduction to massage for those who have never had a massage.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are very tight areas within your muscle that cause pain to other parts of your body. Trigger Point Therapy reduces pain through pressure and release cycles. For example, pain in your hand might be caused by a trigger point in your arm. The goal of trigger point massage is to relax the constricted muscle. Many patients state that most of their pain decreases after a single treatment.

Sports Massage

Stretching combined with pressure on your muscles improves athletic performance. Sports massage is perfect for weekend warriors and pros alike. It is also recommended for people who work out, or who walk daily but never stretch.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage addresses specific areas such as neck/back pain, whiplash, sciatica. This type of massage uses heavier pressure to get to the deeper muscles (within your tolerance) and is very therapeutic. Please note, Deep Tissue Massage is not recommended for first-timers.


Reiki detects and alleviates problems of energy flow on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels without rubbing or kneading. It is used to relieve stress, pain, and improve symptoms. Reiki is a perfect solution for fibromyalgia sufferers.
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Massage Rates

  • 15 Minutes = $15
  • 30 Minutes = $30
  • 45 Minutes = $45
  • 60 Minutes = $50 - Save $10!
  • 90 Minutes = $80 - Save $10!
  • 120 Minutes = $100 - Save $20!

Meet Our Therapist

Having worked in both office and factory settings since 2001, Michael will develop a plan to keep your pain at bay while trying to return your muscles and joints to their proper balance and function. Pain can be excruciating and impact your home life, work, and daily living. Contact Falls Healing Arts today to setup an appointment with Michael.